Overview of QTool

QTool runs as Software-as-a-Service (Saas) and is accessed via a web browser.  No installations or set-up are required.

How it works

There are two interfaces to access QTool: one for the administrative users to create studies, build questionnaires, setup participants etc; and a separate interface for the participants to access and complete their questionnaires.

Within QTool, data and users are separated into Organisations.  An Organisation can be a project team, a research group, a department within academia or a hospital health care team, to name a few examples.

Within an Organisation, an administrative user would then login to QTool, and from there either be placed in or create a new “Study”. Several Studies can exist in an Organisation. Questionnaires can then be built in a study.

To make a questionnaire live and invite participants to complete it, a “Study Arm” is created. One or more questionnaires can be added to the Study Arm, the questionnaire settings and available dates specified, and participants created.

Once a participant has their login details, they can login to the Participant site and will be able to complete any questionnaires that are available to them.

When one or more questionnaires are live, and responses exist, administrative users can then view and export responses via the admin site